Friday, September 30, 2011

Taekwondo Headgear Safety Performance and Head Injury in Youth

Two abstracts presented by O'Sullivan et al in 2011

O'Sullivan et al_ISSC_Daegu 2011_1

O'Sullivan et al_ISSC_Daegu 2011_2

Biomechanics of Head Injury in Taekwondo

Included are two PDF files of abstracts for oral presentations by Fife et al on the biomechanics of head injury in taekwondo:

Fife et al_2010_ASB
Fife et al_2011_BJSM

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International Taekwondo Research Consortium Website Launched!

Greetings fellow ITRC members!

As indicated in our first communication on April 30th, 2011, the International Taekwondo Research Consortium Website would be up and running by September. Although the launch of this website is not through our own website domain address, we are off to a start in progressing towards a sound scientific body of TKD research enthusiasts.

The mission of the ITRC is to provide an open forum for disseminating past and current taekwondo research findings. Secondary purposes of the ITRC are to provide opportunities for international research collaborations, education (e.g., coaches, students, parents, and referees) as well as regular academic conferences held within representative countries of ITRC members. From the beginning stages of the development of the ITRC, it was agreed that a key component to the success of this international group is to ensure that the organization and administrative activities are of an appropriate informal nature.  Specifically, recommendations for ITRC research activities and conferences are encouraged to be suggested and developed by all members.

As our group and website develop, please contact our main ITRC  e-mail for future suggestions for the improvement of our organization and website.